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Digital Workflow Secrets: How To Rapidly Create High Quality Images

This presentation, given in July 2014, describes my workflow which includes using Media Pro and Capture One to downselect images, Capture One for RAW conversion, and Photoshop for processing, including Silver Efex Pro to create a B&W layer in luminosity mode for color images. Realistic HDR images are created using 32-bit files created by Photoshop and "processed" in Lightroom using Exposure, Highlight, and Shadows to create a 16-bit file that is returned to Photoshop. The presentation also covers my file management scheme.

View the informational slides (PDF).

Autumn From Alaska To Zion

This presentation, given in April 2013, describes where and when to photograph fall color from Denali National Park in late August to Zion National Park in Early November. Intermediate locations include Katmai National Park, Homer, Hatcher Pass, Muncho Lake Provincial Park, Stone Mountain Provincial Park, Jasper National Park, Banff National Park, Kananaskis Country (Peter Lougheed Provincial Park), and Grand Staircase - Escalante National Monument. Additional destinations in the Wasatch Mountains of Utah are given: Alpine Loop, Wasatch Mountain State Park, Big Cottonwood Canyon Road, Nebo Loop, and Skyline Drive.

View the informational slides (PDF).



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