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JHP Newsletter - 2004, No. 2, 30 November

It's been a busy month since I chatted with you last. I finished going through the last of my slides, taken during a road trip this summer from CO to AK and back, and scanned-in a lot of images from that trip as well as previous trips.

Web: New Galleries and Images

I've restructured the Gallery to have 12 categories instead of six: Earth, Sky, Water, Fur (N. America), Fur (Foreign), Feathers, Cold-Blooded, Insects, Flowers & Plants, Details & Abstract, Man-Made (Large), and Man-Made (Small). The number of images now online is roughly double what it used to be.

Travel: Polar Bears of Churchill

I spent three days at the beginning of the month shooting polar bears in Churchill, Manitoba, Canada. I traveled with Joseph Van Os Photo Safaris, and had a wonderful group of traveling companions. The local fauna was interesting as well. We saw, and shot, several bears sparring, several mother's-with-cubs, arctic fox, red fox, arctic hare, and willow ptarmigan. The weather was very cooperative. We had almost a day and a half of sunshine, which is extremely rare because there's usually solid overcast.

Polar Bears Sparring
Churchill, Manitoba, Canada
Polar Bear Mother and Cub
Churchill, Manitoba, Canada

Up Close and Personal
Churchill, Manitoba, Canada
Wandering Through Some Willows
Churchill, Manitoba, Canada

Red Fox
Churchill, Manitoba, Canada
Arctic Fox
Churchill, Manitoba, Canada

Arctic Hare
Churchill, Manitoba, Canada
Willow Ptarmigan in Winter Plumage
Churchill, Manitoba, Canada

Travel: Torres del Paine, Chile

I'll be going to Torres del Paine, Chile, in the Patagonia region, for seven days of shooting in mid December. I'm looking forward to the spectacular mountain vistas with the possibility of some wildlife shooting too. I'll fill you in when I return.

Until then ...

— James

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