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JHP Newsletter - 2004, No. 1, 31 October

The Web

New images have been posted to the website.

2004 calendars are now available. There's a Landscape calendar and a Wildlife calendar. The latter has mostly young animal images from the Spring predator shoot, and both include images that aren't in the Gallery.

Transition to Digital Capture: Canon EOS 1D Mark II

My transition from film to digital capture has gone smoothly. The Canon EOS 1D Mk II is very similar to the EOS 1v that I had been using, and the basic camera exposure controls are almost the same, so the learning curve has been very easy. The grips are slightly different though, and it took a while to get used to the new shape. One thing that I'm still trying to get used to is the on/off switch because that's moved. I had been able to operate the on/off switch on the 1v w/o thinking, but I still have to look at the body to make sure I'm getting my finger in the right position for the 1D Mk II. But, the switch is actually in a more practical position on the 1D Mk II, so it shouldn't take much longer before I get used to it.

— James

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